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2021 Umpire Equipment Guide

Our 2021 Umpire Equipment Guide - all the right calls for being great behind the plate.

3 Mar 2021

When you’re looking for umpire equipment there’s a world of gear to choose from. Sometimes the endless options can feel overwhelming, so how do you make the best choice?

Let’s start with what we know. You want to look professional and command respect on the diamond but you also want to show a little personal flair and look good while you’re making calls. A put-together appearance tells players, coaches, and spectators that you know what you’re doing and that you take your role in the game seriously. You also want to be sure you have the necessary tools so that you’re prepared for anything and, most importantly, you need to be certain that your safety is ensured.

With these criteria in mind you’re ready to get geared up. If you’ve been looking for the best umpire gear for the 2021 season you’ve come to the right place. 3N2 has everything you need to keep you protected, well-equipped, and looking great behind the plate. Read on to find exactly what you need.



Shoes are obviously a necessary part of your uniform. Most leagues require all-black shoes so check what yours stipulates before you make a purchase. Once you know the requirements of your league, focus your attention on comfort. Choosing comfortable shoes can make those long games feel less taxing so make sure this is a priority when you’re making your choice.

If you’re serious about your umpire game invest in both plate shoes and base shoes. If your budget prevents you from buying both or you’re just dipping your toes into the umpire waters, start with plate shoes since they offer more protection than base shoes. You can buy base shoes later to complete your arsenal of umpire gear.

3N2’s REACTION umpire shoes are constructed of 100% genuine leather that’s wear resistant and easily polished. Durable, comfortable, and lightweight, these shoes help reduce the knee and joint stress that come from standing for long periods during a game.

For a plate shoe that’s second to none look no further than 3N2’s REACTION PRO PLATE MID. Made of genuine leather that’s wear-resistant and polishable, the REACTION PRO PLATE MID offers the comfort of a turf shoe with the protection of a carbon fiber plate. Weighing in at a feather-light 18.7 ounces per shoe, these may be the most comfortable plate shoes on the market.

With all of the great features of the REACTION PRO PLATE LO but with an even lighter weight and a lower ankle, the 3N2 REACTION PRO PLATE LO gives you greater freedom of movement with plenty of protection.

for the perfect combo of performance and comfort. Built to take you from practice to game time and everything in between, the Mofo Turf Trainer features a genuine leather and METAMESH upper and a GLIDE midsole that’s designed to combat knee and back pressure. These may be your new favorite kicks.


Umpire Ball Bag

Every umpire needs a place to put extra balls, a plate brush, count indicator, data wallet, and other tools. Some umpires wear one ball bag while others wear one on each side to give them extra places for essential items.

The Umpire Ball Bag from 3N2 gives you plenty of room for all the things you need on the field. Made of heavy-duty fabric with a PVC back coating and extra stitching to ensure durability, this ball bag has features and functionality that make it a great choice. It holds two softballs or 5 baseballs comfortably and comes in Black, Grey, and Navy Blue.


Jackets and Pullovers

Even in the heat of the game those summer nights can get chilly. A good jacket or pullover can help you keep your mind in the game by keeping you comfy and cozy when the sun goes down and the chill sets in. Look for high quality materials and construction, fabrics that will keep you warm, and added features to give you an edge over basic boring apparel.

The 3N2 Umpire Half-Zip Jacket fits the bill perfectly. An oversized fit gives you room for layers beneath while a microfiber shell and nylon lining ensure you’ll stay comfortable and warm. Side seam pockets offer ample space to tuck your hands into between innings and hold whatever extras you might want on the field. Available in Black, Navy Blue, and Navy/Columbia.

3N2’s Umpire V-Neck Pullover is made durable and with lightweight polyester that’s water resistant to keep you dry when things get a little soggy on the field. A cotton lining offers additional comfort and warmth while side seam pockets give added functionality not found in many pullovers. Rib knit collar, arm cuff, and waistband add the finishing touches. Available in Black and Navy Blue.



We’ve already talked about how important it is to ensure your feet are comfortable on the field. Socks are an often-overlooked part of ensuring that comfort. Your socks shouldn’t be an afterthought; with a little attention to the selection of good socks you can be certain your feet will hold up game after game. Look for moisture-wicking fabrics to help keep your feet dry on rainy days or in wet field conditions. Good elastic will help keep your socks from falling down and bunching up and support in the arch and ankle will give you added stability to stay on your feet during those long innings.

Full Length Socks from 3N2 feature a moisture management finish to keep feet dry and comfortable in all conditions. Reinforced arch and ankle stitching add support to reduce foot fatigue. Available in fourteen colors so you can add an inconspicuous splash of color to your umpire outfit.


Equipment Bag

Once you’ve found the right apparel and gear you’ll need a great bag to carry all of your stuff to and from the diamond. Look for a bag that has plenty of compartments and pockets to keep everything neat and organized. Durability is key along with features that make it easy to travel near and far with your umpire gear.

The 3N2 Big Bag has all the features you need to carry your gear in style. Its huge interior compartment gives you ample room for larger items while two zippered side compartments are perfect for organizing smaller things and keeping them organized in their own area. A padded shoulder strap lets you carry your bag like a traditional duffle or you can use the roller wheels for easier travel over longer distances. Rugged fabric and bottom rails make this bag durable and ready for anything. Open surfaces give you ample room for screen printing or embroidery if you’d like to personalize your bag. Available in Black and Navy Blue.



In addition to your umpire mask, you’ll need a face covering to adhere to the CDC’s current safety protocol. 3N2’s Protective Mask features 2 ply construction with a 100% polyester outer layer and 100% cotton inner layer. Elastic side straps sport handy slide adjusters to ensure a perfect fit. 100% washable and reusable, our protective masks come in 8 colors to perfectly coordinate with your umpire outfit.


3N2 Has What You Need

Whether you’re a rookie or a battle-tested warrior of an umpire, you know how important it is to take the field prepared and looking professional and sharp. 3N2 has what you need to command respect the moment you step out on to the diamond. Make the right call with your umpire apparel and gear and you’ll be ready to make great calls on the diamond as well. We can’t guarantee the crowd will agree with every call, but at least you’ll be confident and comfortable as you manage the game.