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3N2 and GBSA Rays Baseball Extend Partnership, Inspiring Greatness on the Field

3N2 named official supplier of uniforms and apparel for nationally ranked organization, Georgia Baseball and Softball Academy.

30 Jan 2024

In a significant move to bolster its baseball roster, 3N2, a renowned provider of high-quality custom baseball and softball gear, has partnered with the Georgia Baseball and Softball Academy (GBSA) Rays, an elite travel baseball program based in Atlanta, Georgia.

3N2’s Commitment to Quality and Performance: 3N2, known for their full custom, head-to-toe team offerings, brings to the table an unparalleled commitment to product quality, performance, and durability. This partnership will see 3N2 equipping GBSA Rays players with top-tier baseball gear, designed to enhance their on-field performance while ensuring maximum comfort and durability.

A Shared Vision for Holistic Development: Both 3N2 and GBSA Rays share a vision for the holistic development of young athletes. This partnership goes beyond the diamond, aiming to support the players in their academic journeys and personal growth, alongside further developing their baseball skills.

Quotes from the Leadership: Sean Murphy, CEO of 3N2, stated, “We are excited to continue are partnership with GBSA Rays, a program that aligns with our ethos of nurturing young talent. Our partnership with GBSA Rays is rooted in a deep respect for the character and integrity of their organization, which undoubtedly starts at the top with President Eddie Phelps. Eddie’s leadership exemplifies a commitment to excellence and a passion for the game that resonates throughout the entire GBSA program. This alignment in values and dedication to developing not just skilled athletes, but outstanding individuals, makes our collaboration both natural and promising. We are excited to work alongside such a distinguished and principled organization.”

Eddie Phelps, President of GBSA Rays, remarked, “The partnership with 3N2 marks a significant milestone for GBSA Rays. 3N2’s reputation for unparalleled service and exceptional product quality aligns perfectly with our mission of providing the best resources to our players. Their commitment to excellence in baseball and softball apparel and equipment ensures that our athletes are equipped not just to play, but to excel. We are confident that 3N2’s innovative and durable baseball and softball gear will play a crucial role in enhancing the performance and experience of our players, both on and off the field. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration that brings out the best in our young athletes.”

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the GBSA Rays, is an elite travel baseball program focused on the development of young athletes. Their approach encompasses not only athletic skill enhancement but also academic support, preparing players for success in all aspects of life.

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