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3N2 Launches High-Performance Referee and Official Shoe: the REF VX1

27 Jan 2020

3N2 recently announced the launch of its next-generation high-performance shoe for Referee’s and Officials; the REF VX1, or Reaction Referee VX1. The REF VX1 is the first of its kind – an all patent leather running shoe.  Designed for the court and weighing only 8 ounces, this revolutionary officiating shoe is feather light and features wear-resistant, easily polished 100% ventilated patent leather construction that makes it a winning call for basketball or volleyball referees with an eye on comfort and durability.

The REF VX1’s lightweight, compression-molded EVA midsole has been specifically designed to reduce the knee and joint stress associated with prolonged standing and running. Its low-profile, flat bottom, non-marking outsole is purpose-built for indoor sports, and its memory foam insole and midsole helps referees stay up to pace when gliding back and forth on the basketball or volleyball court.

Beyond its unrivalled comfort, this is a referee shoe that truly stands in a class of its own when it comes to durability. In surface peeling and tear strength testing, its Micro Fabric genuine leather upper far outlasts competing brands. It also tops the charts in flex resistance which allows for fluid movement with no ill effects or discomfort for the feet.

3N2 Director of Officiating, Joshua Pollack, feels the REF VX1 is poised for a breakout. “The VX1 symbolizes the ideal referee; professional, poised and ready to go. It’s quickly becoming the go-to option for referees of all levels of competition. From College to AAU, the shoe provides a solid foundation for tackling on-the-court issues faced by a referee and for those looking for both a functional and aesthetically pleasing shoe. Something comfortable, yet sporty, cushioned, yet light weight. We are very proud of this product and look forward to a very long cycle. The VX1 is a real breakthrough.”

The VX1 is set to hit stores and online marketplaces on January 1, 2020 and is currently available through Umpattire.com or 3N2sports.com during the initial launch phases.

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Josh Pollack
National Sales Manager, 3N2