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3N2 Produces Uniforms for World’s First Cosmic Baseball Game

Summer league baseball team, Tri-City Chili Peppers, to play a series of games under black lights wearing custom neon uniforms.

30 May 2024

3N2, a renowned provider of high-quality custom baseball and softball gear, announced it will be outfitting players in neon uniforms for the world’s first “Cosmic Baseball” game. The game will be played in Colonial Heights, Virginia and will feature the Tri-City Chili Peppers of the Coastal Plain League and the Greenbrier Knights.

Neon Colors Are IN
Cosmic Baseball has taken the country by storm as major media companies including MLB, ESPN, CBS Sports, and Sports Illustrated share the ground-breaking event. Since the uniform reveal, the Tri-City Chili Peppers have sold out of tickets to their first Cosmic Baseball game and the fan jerseys are flying off the shelf (OR they are in high demand). 3N2 is excited to announce that we now offer a full set of neon colors that are available for custom neon baseball and softball uniforms.

Tri-City owner, Chris Martin, stated, “How many times in life do we have the opportunity to be a part of the first-ever anything?”

Cosmic Baseball, the brainchild of Martin, was an idea that began by handing out glowsticks around to fans in-between innings at a game last season. Martin credits the Savannah Bananas with mentoring the way the Chili Peppers look at the entertainment experience of baseball. Pushing the excitement of glowsticks one step further, Martin landed on playing baseball with black lights.

The new experience would require black lighting strong enough to light the historic Shepherd Stadium, but also the players’ uniforms and equipment. A little over a year after the initial communication, Federated Lighting Virginia, J.W. Electric, and SONARAY engineers created 18 black lights fit for a grand stadium and fan experience.

Once illuminating the stadium was confirmed as doable, Martin and the team still had work to do. They began brainstorming how to alter other elements of the game to make the black light concept work best.

Baseballs were spray painted. Tucci Limited, a company that specializes in the production of wood bats, was enlisted to design the hitting hardware. There lied a challenge with the flashiest element of the cosmic baseball’s official unveiling — the uniforms.

The Chili Peppers began to solidify a design that would pop under a black light and stand alone as a stylish jersey during the day. Finding the right color palette proved to be a process. The colors pink, green, yellow, and orange were all considered while determining the initial look.

The team settled on pink and a neon color that was born from combining both the green and yellow options. 3N2 Sports, a company that produces baseball and softball equipment, took the lead in creating the uniforms. As a part of the illumination testing process, 3N2 sent over plain uniforms with black lettering.

“We [wanted] to make sure this thing just works,” Martin said. “I don’t need this to look good, I just want to know if it works.”

The plain jerseys left room for some in-house creativity. Martin and his team came up with a design twist — neon pinstripes. With the help of brightly colored tape, Martin added a splash of yellow to the uniforms, initially receiving some uncertain reviews.

“Everyone’s saying ‘oh, that looks horrible,'” Martin recalled. “We ended up just pulling the trigger and saying ‘you know what, let’s do it, we’re running out of time.’ We went with these pink and yellow pinstripes which turned out really good and has been the most popular seller so far.”

With the help of brightly colored tape, Tri-City owner Chris Martin added a splash of yellow to the uniforms.

With the lighting, equipment and uniforms all beginning to fall into place, the only step remaining was to figure out if the idea worked in practice — literally.

The team went through their usual warm-up paces in the new uniforms. The transition took a few moments to get used to, but once the team got a few reps in, it was just like a normal day at the ballpark.

Jeffery Meads, 3N2 National Sales Manager, has worked closely with Martin and the Coastal Plain League for many years. Meads states, “Collaborating with Chris on these neon uniforms has been an exhilarating experience for all of us at 3N2. We sent over a few samples to test the waters and before we knew it, the first neon uniforms were turning heads of everyone at our HQ. Seeing the enthusiasm and excitement from Chris, players, and Chili Peppers fans has been incredible.

Throughout the summer, we will continue to fulfill fan jersey orders, as each piece is custom-made to order. We are committed to bringing all the fans high-quality jerseys as part of this pioneering effort of Cosmic Baseball.”

Our newly launched set of 8 vibrant, neon colors is a head turner on any field from youth to adult and can be custom ordered with your team’s logo by contacting sales@3n2sports.com or (877) 362-1440.

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