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3N2 Unveils New Baseball Cleats for 2011

14 Jan 2011

3N2, an Orlando-based designer and manufacturer of high performance baseball and softball footwear and apparel, recently unveiled the much anticipated 3N2 VIPER – the latest in its line of pro-caliber baseball cleats.

Although only released for public purchase in January 2011, the 3N2 VIPER was designed, prototyped and tested over a two-year period, with several Major League Baseball players wearing the VIPER during the 2010 baseball season. Of these, the most notable was Neftali Feliz – MLB All Star and American League Rookie of the Year. Feliz, a closer for the Texas Rangers, competed in customized 3N2 VIPERS throughout the regular season, playoffs and the World Series and recognizes the role the VIPER played in his success; “When you’re pitching at the highest levels of the game, you rely on your spikes more than ever before. The VIPER is now my go-to cleat.”

The VIPER’s upper is constructed from patent leather and pro-grade suede and it rides on 3N2’s proven FUEGO-8 metal cleat configuration. It features a toe bumper for enhanced durability, a cushioned collar for maximum comfort and support and an insole and sock liner treated with AGION Microbe Shield® for maximum odor and fungal protection.

Sales expectations for the VIPER are high. High enough that sports-catalog and Internet retail giant Eastbay signed an exclusivity agreement with 3N2 to become the sole dealer of the VIPER in 2010. Those interested in purchasing the VIPER will have to do so through Eastbay’s catalog or online at Eastbay.com.

3N2 CEO Sean Murphy feels that the VIPER presented the perfect opportunity to partner with Eastbay; “It just made sense. Eastbay is one of the most respected retailers of ball and bat gear in the marketplace. They have their finger on the pulse of the market and know the caliber of footwear that baseball players demand. The VIPER is simply a fantastic baseball cleat and making it available directly to the Eastbay customer was a no-brainer for both companies.”

To learn more about the 3N2 VIPER, please visit the 3N2 website at www.3N2Sports.com.