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Baseball Uniform Accessories

A buyer’s guide to customizable baseball accessories

4 Dec 2019

You’ve researched and shopped and chosen the very best for the major components of your baseball uniform. You have an awesome custom jersey from 3N2 (and if you don’t have an awesome custom jersey from 3N2, what are you waiting for?)

You’ve chosen from our great selection of baseball pants and you have the latest and greatest of 3N2’s baseball cleats. Now it’s time to accessorize! Accessories are not only important functional pieces of your uniform, they’re also the perfect way to show a little style. Maybe you want everything you wear to match perfectly or maybe you want to showcase your flair with contrasting or custom accessories. There are so many choices and 3N2 has an amazing selection to help you complete your look. Most of our accessories can be fully customized, making the possibilities nearly limitless! Read on to learn about your choices in baseball accessories and how 3N2 can help you turn heads on the field.



We would argue that a belt is less an accessory and more a necessity. Nobody wants their pants to end up around their ankles while they’re rounding the bases. Not a good look. Keep those pants up with a solid belt that won’t let you down. Look for high quality materials, stretchy fabric that can easily adjust to your size, and solid construction that will stand up to your workouts and high intensity games.

3N2’s Elastic Belt has a stretchy elastic band to move with your body and provide the perfect, fully adjustable fit. Our belts also feature matching leather tab ends with a nickel-plated buckle, quality construction, and the best materials to help you keep it together on the diamond. Available in nineteen bold colors, you’re sure to find one that looks perfect with your team uniform.



A hat serves several purposes. It can shield your eyes from sun and rain, keep your scalp from getting sunburned, and can show off your team spirit both on and off the diamond. 3N2 has a huge selection of hats and offers full customization. Whether you’re looking for lifestyle hats or baseball hats, 3N2 has your head covered! We have many styles to choose from, including performance hats, trucker hats, boonies, visors, and more. You can embellish a 3N2 hat with patches, puff embroidery, or even liquid embroidery. We offer a gorgeous array of colors and thread colors and limitless options for customization. You can add icons, logos, sublimated images, unique fonts, and anything else you can dream up. With a quick turnaround time of two to three weeks, 3N2’s customization service can help you create team hats that perform well and look amazing!


Arm Sleeves

Arm sleeves are making an appearance in many sports now. It’s easy to think they’re worn just because they look cool, but arm sleeves aren’t simply a fashion statement; they serve some important health benefits as well.

The most important benefit in wearing arm sleeves is that the compression they provide improves blood circulation and helps with swelling after an injury. This can help you perform better with an injury, can help you move better if you have sore muscles after a strenuous workout, and can help keep muscle soreness at bay before it even starts. Sleeves also provide muscle support and reduce muscle fatigue, which can enhance your performance.

Arm sleeves also provide protection for your skin – not only from the sun but from scratches and chafing that might occur if you come into contact with another player in the heat of the game. Sleeves can help regulate your body temperature in both hot and cold environments, which is invaluable in an outdoor sport like baseball. Finally, arm sleeves do look pretty badass, and we all know how important that is.

3N2 has tight fitting arm sleeves that are breathable and moisture wicking, made of a specialized fabric designed to keep you comfortable while enhancing your performance.

3N2 arm sleeves are 100% custom sublimated which means that we can create any design on your arm sleeves. 3N2 has over 10 years of experience with full custom sublimation and is second to none in the industry. We can dye in logos, names, numbers, and designs with the most vibrant colors and highest quality design implementation and produce every piece individually with care.

With a low minimum quantity of 12 units and a fast turnaround of three to four weeks, custom arm sleeves from 3N2 are sure to help you hit it out of the park. Check out our team catalog here to see some examples of our custom arm sleeves, as well as our full range of products.



Socks are certainly an essential accessory and you shouldn’t buy just any. There are some important considerations when choosing your baseball socks. Make sure they’re made of a fabric that’s breathable and moisture wicking to keep your feet comfortable and dry on the field. Look for a flat toe seam rather than one that’s raised. Check that your socks have some support and stability. Ankle support is a great bonus. Lastly, get the right size so that you don’t have bunching inside your shoe or slouching socks that won’t stay up on your legs.

3N2 offers socks that check all of these important boxes. With excellent moisture management, advanced stitching in the midsole and ankle for added support, a flat toe seam, and full customization available, 3N2’s Full Length Socks will keep your feet happy so you can concentrate on your game!



How many games have been won because of the performance-protecting benefits of a good sweatband, or lost due to a player who didn’t think they needed sweatbands? The world will likely never know.

What we do know is that sweatbands are the unsung baseball accessory hero. Underrated and yet so deserving of a moment in the spotlight, sweatbands can be used to wipe your brow during intense moments and they can keep sweat from running down your arms and onto your hands. Sweaty hands have never been a baseball player’s friend. Nice dry hands are crucial in keeping your grip on the ball or the bat.

3N2’s performance 2.5-inch sweatbands feature an advanced fiber weave, comfy fit, and moisture management fabric as well as our dynamic 3N2 logo. They come in three colors: black, royal blue, and white, so you’re sure to find a pair that will coordinate with your look.


3N2 is Your Home for Baseball Accessories

Don’t underestimate the power of great baseball accessories. When it comes to our national pastime, little things matter and it’s little things that add up to a fully-fleshed out beauty of a uniform. With our full custom sublimation, excellent quality, great selection, and fast turnaround times, 3N2 is here to help you outfit and accessorize your way to a winning look and season!