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Fastpitch Softball Pants with Great Reviews

25 Apr 2019

Top Rated Girls Softball Pants

Whether you’re practicing pickle drills in an indoor training facility or playing a competitive game out in the dirt, the right softball pants can make a big difference in your comfort and performance. This is why 3N2 designed NuFIT Softball pants, the first ever patented women’s fastpitch pant. These innovative pants, also known as “knickers” in some locations, are manufactured with high-quality, flexible materials for superior performance at all levels of play.

Have you been on the hunt for softball pants with good reviews? NuFITs consistently get top ratings from all types of players and parents.

High-Quality Materials

NuFIT softball pants are constructed from a smart mix of polyester and spandex. These materials help create a 4-way stretch fiber that’s able to handle all sorts of difficult situations when it’s needed most. The 4-way fiber is also very breathable, making it great for hot days. When it’s cold, the pants are perfect for use under as many layers as a player needs. More simply, these pants are comfortable in all types of gameday situations and weather conditions.

My daughter has played softball for 8 years including 6 in travel ball and 2 seasons of school ball. During that time she has worn just about every brand of pants out there. These are by far her favorite as far as comfort goes.” – Father of Youth Player

Softball players no longer have to deal with pants that were originally designed for men and just “shrinked and pinked” for women. The materials for 3N2 softball pants were specifically chosen because of how well they work with a woman’s form and movement.

Special Features of NuFIT Pants

3N2 NuFITs are bound to be unlike any other softball pants you’ve seen or worn. In addition to superior materials, they have design features built in that have been tested and proven to make female players more comfortable and dynamic on the diamond. The above 4-way stretch poly-spandex fabric has been strategically placed in high-movement areas of the body, including hips, thighs, calves, and backside providing a far freer range of movement. They also provide added comfort courtesy of a unique low-rise fit in the front and a higher rise fit in the back to ensure full coverage during play.

All Body Types and Sizes

No two softball players have the exact same body type. Despite this, many softball pants only come in a few sizes and are only designed for a small range of body types. The NuFIT is designed to be comfortable for a wide range of sizes. They come in everything from XS(23-25″) to 3XL(38-41″), and the inseam ranges from 20″ to 22.5”.

“My daughter is full figure player with a bigger back side, softball pant shopping is not fun at all!…These by far are the best fitting softball pants she has ever owned.” -Mother of a Youth Player

NuFIT softball pants don’t discriminate based on size. Skinny or full figured, every player deserves to have really comfortable pants that allow them to play their best. In fact, many players comment that NuFITs fit and feel more like leggings than traditional softball pants. That’s why many consider them to be the best girls softball pants on the market.

“My daughter has been watching a lot of D1 softball and envied the snug fit of their pants. I found the 3N2 NuFIT online and ordered a pair. She absolutely LOVES these pants! Great for women and girls of ALL shapes and sizes!” – Verified Review from Parent

Adaptability on the Field

Catcher is perhaps the most difficult position to find apparel for due to the awkward positioning, held poses, constant movement and time in the dirt. The fit-meets-function design of NuFIT softball pants snugly hugs the curves of fastpitch players while allowing for completely free and easy movement, making time behind the plate a whole lot easier.

“My daughter is a catcher and loves the 3N2 NuFIT. The pants are cut higher in the back so when she squats they don’t dip down. They are designed well, hold up to sliding and rough blocking.” -Parent of Young Catcher

Durable Season After Season

The apparel designers at 3N2 know softball inside and out, and they apply that knowledge to creating pants that truly stand up to what female players need during both practice and game play. The belt loops, which can be weak in other types of pants, are strong and durable so that they can stand test of time through the toughest seasons.

“My daughter finished the travel season in them, no rips, stretches, picks or worn areas.” -Mom of Youth Softball Player

What makes NuFIT pants so durable? They incorporate a rugged double-ply poly material in the areas that encounter the toughest conditions, including the knees and outside of the leg. This design protects the player from high abrasion activities like sliding or diving.

From Club to Casual

Most pants can last a single season in a normal youth softball league, but how do they hold up in highly competitive play? Just ask the parent of a high school travel softball player who faces off against some of the toughest teams in the sport.

“My daughter is a catcher who plays high school and travel softball. With practice six days a week, we’ve purchased a lot of pants over the years. These are by far her favorite!” -Parent of Competitive Player

Both competitive and casual softball players seem to love the fit and performance of NuFIT pants. Positive reviews from parents, coaches, and players at all levels of play are a testament to this. Glowing praise can be found across the Internet.

“Bought these pants for our club team, the girls love them! They are comfortable and regardless of size, each girl loves the fit!” -Club Softball Manager

The NuFIT’s ability to provide a performance boost to players at all levels of play is just one of the reasons why these are one the most top rated girls softball pants. For example, the flexibility of NuFITs allows beginning catchers to learn positioning without worry and gives elite outfielders the confidence and freedom needed to go for the toughest line drives.

Performance with Style

Looking stylish on the field isn’t everything in softball, but it never hurts. Many players are initially attracted to NuFIT because they simply look great. Women and girls of all ages and shapes love the way they look and love them even more when they realize they don’t have to sacrifice comfort or performance to benefit from NuFIT’s style.

“They (NuFIT softball pants) are lightweight stretchy (like comfy yoga pants) and move very well, plus they look great on her. The size was true to fit.” -Dawn, Mother of Player

NuFIT pants are available in a variety of colors both with and without belt loops. Positive reviews show that coaches and team managers around the country are ordering them for use with team uniforms, and individual players are not only buying them for gameday wear, but also just for practices.