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How to Gear Up for Travel Softball

Gear up for Travel Softball Without Breaking the Bank

28 Sep 2020

It’s time for travel softball! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the travel ball scene or you just made the team (congrats!), you’ll need to dust off your cleats and get geared up for the season ahead. It’s well known that travel ball can be expensive; from player fees to gate fees, travel costs, training, lessons, camps, and clinics…the costs add up quickly and you’ll want to look for ways to save money wherever you can.

Despite the expense, there’s no disputing that travel ball is beneficial and valuable. For players wanting to reach a certain degree of success, being on a travel ball team can be crucial. Being on a travel team gives athletes a chance to play against better competition and pushes them to improve each and every game. Players become part of a team family and they learn the true meaning of teamwork. They work hard for their successes and they learn that they can be pulled in the middle of a game if they’re not performing well. There are difficult and valuable lessons to be learned in travel ball that won’t be learned elsewhere; the rigorous schedule and tightly bonded comradery can’t be replaced in a rec league. For those wanting college scholarships or to compete at the highest levels, travel ball is a must for the exposure it provides.

For all these reasons and more, travel ball is worth every penny. But after you pay your dues and other expenses you’ll still need to buy apparel and equipment, so saving money while still getting the best gear is a surefire home run. 3N2 has everything to get you geared up for travel softball at prices that will make you feel like you’ve just stolen a base. Here’s what you’ll need to be ready to hit the road without breaking the bank:


Team Uniforms

Most travel teams include uniforms in their player fees. To help keep player fees down have your coach or team manager check out 3N2’s Team Packages. With 3N2, your entire team can get head-to-toe custom packages that will have you winning in style at prices that will make everyone feel like a champion. From hats and jerseys to socks and cleats, your whole look can be customized with limitless colors and materials. You’ll be sporting a one of a kind uniform that will turn heads as you round the bases. We’ll even set you up with an online team locker where players and fans can buy uniforms, gear, and spirit wear so everyone will know when your team has arrived.


Softball Pants 

Even if your team provides uniform pants, you’ll still want to buy some pants to wear during practices and scrimmages. 3N2’s NuFit Knickers are the best softball pants on the market, hands-down. With an innovative design that marries form and function, the NuFit Knicker features 4-way stretch fabric in the places that need it most so you can move freely and comfortably every time you take the field. Added double-ply poly in high abrasion areas protect your pants – and your skin – from scratches and cuts when you’re sliding into bases, while the yoga pant-inspired fit will make you wonder how you ever wore anything else. Available as a stock item and also in our Team Packages, the NuFit Knicker will be your new favorite piece of softball apparel.



Your cleats may be the most important component of your softball gear. Performing at your best means having comfortable, dry feet in shoes that can handle running, stopping, and changing direction quickly. The latest in 3N2’s arsenal of fastpitch cleats, the DOM-N-8 Fastpitch Cleat features a revolutionary ankle stabilization system with cushioned ankle collar, rugged TPU bumper at the toe for added protection, and a ShimmerStep iridescent logo mark that shimmers like a diamond as you outshine the competition. At $89.99, you’ll dominate the game AND your budget.


Comfortable Slides or Sneakers

You’ll need some comfy shoes to change into after a long day on the field. Wearing your cleats off the diamond is not only dangerous and uncomfortable, it also causes damage to surfaces, floors, and your cleats themselves. Slides and sneakers are great for going to and from games and for the always popular post-game dinners.

3N2’s K-NIT Trainer will have you walking on clouds as you leave the diamond. Ultra-lightweight, super cushiony, and made of breathable fabric, the K-NIT Trainer is everything you’ll want at the end of game day. Made of supportive woven yarn and featuring BOUNCEBACK technology in the midsole, this shoe provides plenty of structure while also cushioning your foot. Our KZONE sockliner is moisture-wicking to keep your tootsies cool and dry. The proprietary HYPER-LIFT insole sports memory foam to pamper your feet with every step. In addition to being your go-to feel-good shoe, the K-NIT trainer is perfect for jogging or running for the conditioning portion of your training. Offered at a stellar price point, the K-NIT trainer ensures you’ll have money left over for all the tournament t-shirts you know you’ll want.


Practice Shorts

Practice shorts are a staple in every player’s travel ball wardrobe. They’re perfect for practice, for lounging, and for changing into when you’re ready to take off your sweaty uniform. 3N2’s practice shorts are designed with the female figure in mind, with mesh venting to keep you cool and Polyzone fabric to keep you dry and comfortable. At such a low price, you can get enough of these for every day you’ll be on the road plus an extra pair just in case.


Slider Shorts

Designed to give you added protection when sliding into bases, slider shorts are an excellent addition to your softball apparel. Wear these under your practice shorts or pants or under your uniform. Made of moisture wicking poly-spandex, 3N2’s Slider Shorts help you stay comfortable and protected at practice and during games at a price that will make you feel like you just slid into home.


A Bag For all Your Stuff

Once you get all your gear and apparel, where should you put everything? There’s a lot of travel in travel ball (imagine that!) so you’ll want a big bag or two help hold everything you’re taking along. It’s smart to get more than one bag so you have one to take to and from the field with you and one for all of your other clothes, toiletries, and other items. 3N2’s NuFit Infinity Bat Pack is fantastic for all your gear while being easy on your wallet. Its straightforward, yoga-inspired design makes it easy to stash your stuff inside, with a large main compartment that’s big enough for your helmet, glove, and other essentials. Two handy exterior bat holsters keep your hands free while a fleece lined pocket gives you a place to safely tuck valuables. Thoughtfully designed padded straps are interchangeable so you can comfortably carry your bag on either shoulder. A built-in swivel hook up top allows you to hang your bag on the dugout fence, while the bottom hook makes a great place to hang your glove or helmet.  Rugged fabric and space for screen printing or embroidery rounds this one out, making it a great bag for holding a lot of stuff.


3N2 Is Ready to Get You Geared Up

When you’re ready to get on the road, stop first at 3N2 Sports to get all you’ll need for a stellar season. Our prices are already in a league of their own, but our Sale Page offers items at even lower prices to get you hooked up while staying in your budget.

Here’s to a great season of travel softball!