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Men’s Softball Uniform Builder

Take your custom sublimated team uniforms from amateur to Hall of Fame with 3N2’s Customizer.

6 Nov 2019

Turn heads and command attention when you step on the field in a custom sublimated softball or baseball uniform from 3N2. 3N2 has over a decade of experience creating custom uniforms and that expertise is put into every single piece we produce. Each uniform is handled with care and produced individually to ensure the best results.

Full custom sublimation allows you the freedom to choose every detail of your uniform. You can choose your cut, style, colors, and patterns. Add logos, numbers, and names, and choose fonts for each element of your uniform. When you custom design your uniforms with 3N2, the possibilities are virtually endless! From bold, vibrant colors to unique graphics and styles, a custom uniform from 3N2 exceeds every expectation and delivers unsurpassed quality at an unbeatable price.

The 3N2 Customizer takes you through a simple, step-by-step process to create a one-of-a-kind uniform for you and your team. When you’re ready to personalize your team’s winning look visit the customizer.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create Your Custom Team

First select your sport then type your team’s name in the provided space. Next, choose up to four colors for your custom uniforms. 3N2 has a great selection of vibrant colors that have been carefully chosen by our design team to match demand and industry trends. Check out our new neon inks for an extra bright punch of color that’s sure to get noticed on the diamond. Choose your colors, click “Create Custom Team” and you’re on to the next step!


Step 2: Select Your Style

You’re sure to find a winning look with our wide selection of jersey styles. Each comes in 4 different options; 2 Button, Crew Neck, Full Button, or V Neck. Here are some of our favorites:

Carbon Streamline

The Carbon Streamline has small diagonal stripe graphics in the side panels that adds just the right amount of detail. Not too loud, not too soft…just right.


Classic Paneled

Striking in its simplicity, the Classic Paneled jersey is possibly the most versatile style in our lineup. Contrasting sleeves and collar band give a sharp contrast to the solid body color. Simple and effective, the Classic Paneled gives you a blank slate on which to design.


Classic Striped

Give your custom team uniforms a sense of nostalgia with the Classic Striped style. Play up that vintage look or make it more modern…it’s up to you.


Endo Point Classic

Sporting a wide band with a narrow contrast band at the bottom of each sleeve, the Endo Point Classic is an understated, versatile style. Keep it simple and classic or amp it up with your design choices.


Endo Point Modern

Narrow bands at the sleeves and around the neck provide a nice contrast to the body, which sports a gradient dot pattern. The Endo Point Modern has a cool tech-y feel, sure to please contemporary tastes.


Gradient Evolution

Another style perfect for showcasing your team’s killer color combo, the Gradient Evolution sports contoured side panels with a fade-in color gradient. This one will not only highlight your team’s colors but your hard-earned physique as well.



With an of-the-moment aesthetic, the Predator is a style that can’t be ignored. Pointed stripes shoot up the side panels and end in tiger-stripe points at the chest. The Predator has serious potential when styled with a great color combo.


Spec-Ops Edge

The Spec-Ops Edge has pixelated side panels that can be customized with your team colors. This one shows that you’re ready for battle as soon as you step on the field.


Striped Throwback

Stripes in your choice of colors give the Striped Throwback an 80s vibe, perfect for giving your team a retro look.


Step 3: Choose Fonts for Your Logo and Player Number

In this step, you can choose from 34 custom fonts for both your logo and your player number. We have everything from traditional fonts to modern, and plenty of unique fonts to set your uniform apart.


Step 4: Complete the Look

Now it’s time to use the designer to select all of the smaller elements that add up to the finished product. Click “Add Design/Text” to add text, graphics, uploads, names and numbers. You can also use this tab to add a QR code! Select “Edit Layer” to fine tune names and numbers, and use other tools on this step to move things around and finalize your design.


Step 5: Choose Fabric and Sizes (YXS-YXL and XS-5XL)

3N2 offers 25 different fabric choices. Some of our choices include:

  • PolyZone and PolyLyte – Polyester fabrics with a soft, smooth finish. PolyZone is recommended for uniform jerseys and provides excellent moisture management.
  • Gameday and Gameday Lyte – Polyester fabrics with a flat back textured mesh. Offers excellent moisture management and is a great choice for jerseys.
  • Interlock – A heavier polyester that features a tight knit and a smooth surface. Provides moisture management and is very durable. Recommended for pants.
  • Tricot – Polyester “gym short” material. Exterior surface is textured while the interior surface is smooth. Great moisture management. Recommended for shorts and jerseys.
  • Fleece – Polyester fabric that’s perfect for keeping you warm. Fleece has a soft and smooth exterior surface with a wool-like interior. The best choice for hoodies, pullovers, and blankets.
  • Silk Lycra – Stretchy with a silky feel, silk lycra is an excellent choice for arm sleeves, leggings, and compression garments.


Step 6: Checkout and Get Ready for Head Turning Uniforms

Once you’ve finalized the details and approved your design, it’s time to place your order and anxiously await the arrival of your new custom 3N2 softball uniforms. You’ll be thrilled with the ease of designing, the no-bleed sublimation, unbeatable pricing, and the ability to make it your own with nearly limitless options.

3N2 custom uniforms start at just $39.99, with a low minimum quantity of ten units. Our turnaround time is only four to six weeks, and we offer youth sizes YXS to YXL and adult sizes from XS to 5XL.

It’s never been easier or more affordable to design stunning custom jerseys for your team. Visit the 3N2 customizer today to get started!