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Reviewing the 3N2 Clutch Maple Wood Baseball Bat

You’re going to want 3N2’s new Clutch Maple Wood Baseball Bat. Here’s why…

24 Sep 2019

Updated on July 28, 2020. 


Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking for men’s softball equipment or a youth player transitioning to the next level you’re going to love 3N2’s new Clutch Maple Wood Baseball Bat. From its beautiful craftsmanship to its superior performance, this bat offers everything you’ve been looking for.

We’ll have a look at what makes wooden bats the best choice, how to transition to a wood bat, and all the details of 3N2’s latest and greatest.

Let’s dive in!


Why Choose a Wooden Baseball Bat?

There are a lot of choices when you’re buying a bat, but wooden baseball bats have always stood the test of time. There’s nothing quite like the classic crack of a wooden bat. They’ve been used since the dawn of the game and they’re still the only bat used in the pro ranks, but tradition isn’t all there is to love. There are many other reasons that wood bats are the best choice:

  • Wood bats are more responsive. With a wood bat a player gets more feedback with contact. This feedback is helpful in developing better mechanics and better approach to the ball.
  • Unlike composite bats, there is no “break-in” period. Wood bats are ready to go right from day one.
  • Wood bats are safer. Of course wood bats can shatter, but aluminum bats propel the ball at a much higher velocity which increases the risk of injury to fans, pitchers, and infielders. Injuries from shattered bats are far less common and less devastating than injuries from balls hit off of an aluminum bat.
  • Wood bats improve player strength. A wood bat is properly weighted, both in overall weight and in weight distribution throughout the length of the bat, versus unbalanced lightweight metal bats with their weight concentrated in the barrel. This even weight distribution in wood bats provides better balance for driving the ball and makes a player use his hips and legs, rather than just his arms.
  • Wood bats are generally more affordable than metal or composite bats.
  • Wood bats teach better plate/pitch discipline. Weak swing movements are exposed, which allows for correction. Swinging at bad pitches with a wood bat often results in stinging hands or a broken bat. Players learn to judge pitches better with this instant feedback, resulting in improved at-bats.
  • Smaller sweet spot = more line drives (and beyond). Aluminum and composite bats have larger sweet spots and this may result in more hits. However, the results of those hits are less impressive than those off a wood bat. The high arc of a ball hit off a metal or composite bat results in more pop flies whereas the arc of a ball hit off a wood bat has a gradual rise and extra distance. If you want greater distance and trajectory a wood bat can’t be beat.
  • Wood bats are superior in quality, performance, and player improvement.
  • Improved player progression: Wood bats improve players’ skills much faster than other types of bats. This allows a player to move up to the next level of play and advance their game at a faster pace.

Transitioning to Wood Bats

Transitioning from a wood bat to a metal or composite bat is a breeze, since wood bats teach a player proper form and better mechanics. A switch from metal to wood, however, can be much more challenging since weaknesses are exposed and bad form won’t yield good results with a wood bat. Bad habits are often formed with metal and composite bats and those habits will be revealed when you transition to wood. Using a wood bat will improve your game tremendously and quickly. If you’re ready to make the switch from metal to wood, here are some tips to help:

  • Swing wood as early and as often as possible. Players who begin using wood bats at least some of the time while they’re young develop a better, stronger swing. Wooden baseball bats can’t be beat when you’re buying kids’ baseball gear.
  • Get in the cage. The repetitive nature of a batting cage session can help you become familiar with a wood bat faster and will teach you important lessons such as keeping your hands in and staying inside the ball.
  • Tape your barrel. Taping the barrel of your metal bat will help you learn where the sweet spot of a wood bat should be. To do this, start 2 inches from the barrel end of the bat and apply athletic tape around the bat for approximately 3 inches toward the handle. Practice hitting the ball in the taped area until you’re hitting consistently in that spot.
  • Be sure to make contact with the right side of the bat. You can hit on any face of a metal bat but with a wood bat it’s important to make contact with the strongest side of the bat, on the edge grain. The label of the bat is placed on the weakest part of the bat so make sure your label is facing up or down when you hit to make your contact point correct.


3N2’s Pro Clutch Maple Baseball Bat

Developed for the serious hitter, the 3N2 Clutch Maple Wood Bat has been tested extensively by professional baseball players. Equally suitable for the pros and for those youth players who are ready to transition into wood bats. Some of the impressive features of our most popular, maple baseball bat:

  • Made of Major League Pro Grade Maple, the densest maple on earth, which gives this bat phenomenal at-the-plate power.
  • Tapered handle ensures speed, control, and an easy grip that’s comfortable on your hands.
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
  • Proprietary forming technique closes pores and compresses wood, making it harder and of superior quality over other wooden bats on the market.
  • Treated finish to enhance durability.
  • Bone rubbed to minimize handle vibration.
  • Balanced swing weight and slight end loading guarantee maximum distance and velocity.
  • Hard Maple wood gives this bat the best “pop.”
  • Will not splinter; grain will not separate.
  • Extremely responsive barrel that allows you to feel contact with the ball.
  • Available in Black and Natural.
  • Sizes: 32/29, 33/30, 34/31.


No matter your level of play, wood bats are an excellent choice that will improve your skills and batting mechanics at an accelerated pace. And, few bats match the performance or quality of the 3N2 Pro Clutch Maple Wood Bat, making it the one the best on the market. Whether you’ve swung a wood bat for years or are making the transition from metal to wood, the Pro Clutch Maple is a top choice to knock ‘em out of the park. Buy yours here.