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Ruthless Softball to Join Forces With 3N2

10 Apr 2019

Cyrstl Bustos understands the power of uniformity across an organization. It has been one of the top priorities of her Ruthless Softball training organization, and it is why she has chosen to partner with 3N2 for its apparel and uniform needs.

For the last 30 years, Crystl Bustos has been playing or training others in the game of softball. In addition to the success of Ruthless Softball, she has earned numerous accolades on a personal level as a player, winning multiple gold medals and being named the 2008 Softball Player of the Year.

Rise Above

One of the key mantras of Ruthless Softball is to always rise above. This means that individuals should recognize that adversity occurs both on the field and off of it, but it is important to meet the challenge head on. To further drive this point home, the Ruthless Softball logo is the Phoenix, which always comes back from the ashes.

Training Should Be Affordable

According to Bustos, “We at Ruthless strive hard to supply the best training and the best gear while keeping it as affordable as possible. With 3N2 this will allow us to do just that. Proud to say we are 3N2 sponsored.” In addition to providing quality gear, Ruthless also provides training from some of the top players and coaches that the game has to offer.

Growth Is the Goal

3N2 representative Jeff Meads said, “We are extremely excited to have the Ruthless Organization be a part of our Team Clutch Program. They continue to grow from coast to coast with top level teaching, run by former Olympian Crystl Bustos, who is a true legend of the game.” The stated goal of the Ruthless Softball founder is to have a small number of teams in each state throughout the country. This will ensure that as many players as possible have access to affordable and high-level training.

3N2 Team Clutch

3N2’s exclusive Team Clutch program helps boost the brand power of baseball and fastpitch teams via high quality, head-to-toe uniform packages. The program also provides cash, free gear and other incentives directly to coaches as well as team member access to a streamlined online uniform and apparel ordering system. Orders from the system are delivered directly to parents – a winning way to increase team efficiency and profitability. Only 12 organizations nationwide are invited to join Team Clutch every year.

About 3N2:

Based in Maitland, Florida, 3N2 provides baseball and softball gear and apparel to players of all ages, genders and skill levels. The company caters to both individual buyers as well as to teams and leagues.