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Sneaky Cleats and 3N2 Announce Exclusive Apparel Partnership

10 Apr 2019

The mission of the Sneaky Cleats softball league and development program is to develop great softball players and great people who follow in the name of Christ. In an effort to further this goal, it recently joined forces with 3N2 to help its fastpitch players look and feel their best on game day. 3N2 is now the exclusive uniform and apparel provider to Sneaky Cleats.

Sneaky Cleats is based in Tyler, Texas and offers a variety of tools to help its young female players develop skills that can be used both on and off of the field.

Sports Can Teach Important Life Lessons

Through sports, individuals can learn important life lessons such as overcoming adversity and humbling yourself for the good of others. It can also teach a person the importance of following the rules and respecting authority. Furthermore, the softball diamond is a place where players can show compassion, sportsmanship and other traits that can prove useful in all areas of life.

According to the head of player development at Sneaky Cleats, Anthony Springer, “You can learn a lot about yourself and what you are capable of by being part of a team. We are proud to be partnering with a quality team like the one at 3N2.”

Softball Comes Second

While softball is an important part of what Sneaky Cleats does, it is not necessarily its prime objective. Instead, it is more important that the players develop as people. According to the Sneaky Cleats website, its mission is to help its young people put their faith first, their family second, and softball third.

The Vision Is Paying Off

Sneaky Cleats was founded in 2000 and was originally focused on helping children ages 6 and younger. However, it eventually expanded to include fastpitch softball teams, and it now works with both younger children and teenagers. The quality of the league’s 13 teams tends to impress those who watch the girls for any length of time.

3N2 representative Jeff Meads said, “Sneaky Cleats is going to be a key strategic partner over the long-term. As they continue to grow stronger it will help our company grow stronger as well.”

3N2 Team Clutch

3N2’s exclusive Team Clutch program helps boost the brand power of baseball and fastpitch teams via high quality, head-to-toe uniform packages. The program also provides cash, free gear and other incentives directly to coaches as well as team member access to a streamlined online uniform and apparel ordering system. Orders from the system are delivered directly to parents – a winning way to increase team efficiency and profitability. Only 12 organizations nationwide are invited to join Team Clutch every year.

About 3N2

3N2 provides uniforms and other sporting goods to individuals and teams across the country. They have various partnership agreements with softball leagues that feature players of various ages and skill levels.