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Softball Jackets for Girls and Women

Warm up while looking cool with 3N2’s softball jackets for girls and women.

29 Oct 2019

A jacket just might be the most versatile piece in your softball apparel arsenal. It can keep you warm during those early and late season cold spells and cool summer nights, help you stay dry during rainy weather, and keep the biting wind from getting to you on blustery days. Softball jackets are a must-have lightweight cover for both Northern and Southern climates and work for every season and for many weather conditions.

They’re great for warm-ups before the game and cooling down after a fierce battle on the field. A jacket is equally at home during batting practice and in the dugout, for fastpitch or slow-pitch. They are excellent travel pieces that give your team a cohesive and professional look and are a perennial favorite among players, parents, and coaches. Softball jackets can also be made to match your uniforms and customized any way you’d like.

In short, a softball jacket is a stylish and fun essential, and you should definitely have one (or more!) At 3N2, we know you want the best so we’ve created this softball jacket guide for girls and women. We’ll show you what to look for when choosing a softball jacket and break down the best jackets out there so you can step out looking and feeling amazing! 



The best softball jackets should be made of a lightweight stretchable fabric that allows maximum movement and gives you a full range of movement in any direction. Staying warm shouldn’t come at the price of restricted mobility, so be sure your jacket uses performance fabrics that can keep up with your pace. Look for a jacket that provides water resistance as well so that you can bring it no matter what the weather brings.



You want to look great, both on and off the field, and durability is key when shopping for a softball jacket. You work hard and demand so much from yourself – you should ask the same from your apparel. Look for quality construction, reinforced areas, solid zippers, and durable fabrics built to withstand the rigors of the diamond so you can be sure your jacket will look good and perform well game after game.



Perhaps the most important element of your softball jacket is comfort. The rest won’t matter much if your gear provides any kind of discomfort. You want your head in the game and don’t want to be distracted by uncomfortable apparel so look for features that ensure you stay comfy and cozy while knocking ‘em out of the park.

Water resistance is high on the list of priorities because nothing is more uncomfortable than being wet. Fabrics that repel water while ensuring breathability are your best choice to prevent moisture from building up inside your jacket and to keep you from overheating. Quick dry fabrics are a good bet also, as are shoulder and arm vents in the jacket’s construction to help quickly evaporate skin moisture.

Wind repellent fabrics help keep the chill away on a blustery day and plush interior linings up the comfort quotient substantially. A jacket that helps you stay dry and warm will increase your performance on the field and help you stay ready while you’re in the dugout.



A form-enhancing fit allows you to accentuate those curves and the body you’ve built on the diamond. You worked hard for it, so don’t be afraid to show it off! If you prefer a looser fit there are plenty of softball jackets that don’t hug your body but still look great. Choose whichever fit makes you feel best so your confidence will be the first thing the competition sees.



There are many styles of softball jackets to choose from. Quarter zip pullovers have seen increased popularity in recent times while hoodies and pullover fleece remain staples. Full zip jackets provide classic style and are often seen with increasingly modern features such as extra pockets and pouches for today’s fully accessorized player. Jackets come in team colors and can have added shoulder stripes or be customized for your team. A softball jacket is a great way to show off your style and team flair on the field. Even when you’re warming up, looking cool never hurts.


Added Features

You can either keep it simple and go for a softball jacket that gets down to business or look for added features that give your jacket that little something extra. Drawstrings on hoodies or at the waist help cinch your jacket to your body and also prevent cold air from coming in the gaps. Pockets give you a nice place to keep your hands warm or to carry small items. Some jackets even have bonus features like earbud cord holders and small pockets for your phone or other essentials.


3N2 Softball Jacket Technology

3N2 develops and uses innovative technology in our products, including our softball jackets. We find that sweet spot between comfort and performance in our jackets with the following proprietary technology:

Polyzone Micro Fiber Construction: Durable fabric that provides performance without weighing you down.

KZONE Technology: Featuring an exterior poly microfiber shell and thin, lightweight interior poly fleece, KZONE helps bring your muscles to just the right temperature. Moisture on the skin is rapidly evaporated, helping to keep you warm and dry.

Softshield: A proprietary material blend that forms an outer protective covering, Softshield is extremely water resistant while remaining soft and supple to the touch. Featured in our RBI Fleece apparel.


Choose the Best from 3N2

Let them know you came to win when you choose a softball jacket from 3N2. You’ll look good, feel good, and perform at your peak when you have the best apparel around. 3N2 combines technology, performance, durability, comfort, and style to bring you what’s sure to become your new favorite softball jacket. Shop now!