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Top Bat Bags for 2019

Choosing a great bag is a walk in the (ball)park with our guide to bat bags for 2019.

23 Jul 2019

Baseball or softball, young or old, amateur or pro, your gear and equipment are a big part of your game. These items are also costly, so protecting them during transport should be a priority for every player. There are many bat bags on the market, so how do you know which bag is best for you? 3N2 is here to help you choose by highlighting important features and different types of bat bags so you can show up on game day with everything you need to stand out and step up to the plate.


Things to Consider When Buying a Softball or Baseball Bat Bag:

  • Size

The more gear you carry, the bigger the bag you’ll need.


  • Available Colors/Personalization Options

Team colors and personalization make your bag attractive and easy to find among others.


  • Design/Style

Make an impression and boost your confidence with a great looking bag that fits your personality.


  • What You’ll Be Carrying

Consider the items you’ll be putting in your bag and the protection those items will need.


  • Where You’re Going

Are you staying near, going far, or both? How far you’re going may dictate which bag is most suitable for you.


  • Reinforcement/Protection/Bottom Rails

You want a bag that can last several seasons, so make sure it’s built to withstand weather, dragging, and plenty of dirt.


  • Material

Durable material ensures your bag will last and water-resistant fabric is a great bonus.


  • Pockets and Compartments

Lined media pockets, ventilated shoe compartments, and additional zippered pouches are great for keeping your personal items separate, protected, and odor-free.


  • Wheels

A must for larger, heavier bags. Make sure they’re sturdy and built to last.


  • Hooks

Top hooks are perfect for hanging your bag on dugout fences and bottom hooks accommodate your glove and helmet so they’re handy when it’s time to take to the field.



Types of Bags:



 Traditional bat bags are simple and straightforward. Despite having fewer bells and whistles than their modern counterparts, they continue to be a staple of the game and a favorite for many players. Typical features include large storage capacity, extra compartments to hold smaller items, and durable construction to handle wear and tear. Traditional bags are best for those who need a lot of room for equipment and for seasoned players with the strength to manage a bigger, heavier bag.



Baseball duffel bags are smaller than some of the other types of bags, which makes them lighter and easier to haul around. They are designed to hold your essentials, like your glove and helmet and maybe a few bats. Duffel bags are a good choice for practices, quick weekend trips, or in-town games. For long hauls with a lot of equipment, they can be great supplemental luggage in addition to your larger bags.



Wheeled baseball bags are similar to traditional bags in terms of size and ability to carry a lot of gear, but have additional roller capabilities and trolley or pull handles that can withstand the rigors of traveling with equipment. These bags have big storage capacity for gloves, bats, cleats and extras, and have additional storage compartments to easily organize personal items and other necessities. J-hooks for hanging on dugout fences add to the functionality. Wheeled bags are great for serious players at all levels and are all-stars for tournaments, camps, and travel ball.

The 3N2 Big Bag is a simple, functional bag with a huge interior compartment to hold all of your gear. With two zippered side compartments, padded shoulder strap, roller wheels for easy transport, and bottom rails to protect against wear and tear, the Big Bag is perfect for those looking for a straightforward and rugged bag. This bag also features open surfaces for team logo screen printing or embroidery.


Bat Pack

Lightweight, versatile, and suitable for players of all ages, bat packs have become very popular in recent years. Bat packs are especially popular among youth players due to their ease of carrying and contemporary styling. Mesh sides hold your bats, creating plenty of space in the middle for carrying clothing, equipment, and other gear. Some have a separate area for cleats/shoes, which helps keep dirt and odors from mingling with other clothing and gear. Bat packs typically sport many storage compartments and pockets and offer good protection for the items held within. Weight is balanced evenly between the shoulders and your hands remain free to carry other gear. Bat packs are a good value for the money and are a great choice for kids who are just getting started, seasoned pros, and everyone in between.

Our Revo Bat Pack is loaded with features that’ll help you hit the road in comfort and style. Made of heavy-duty polyester, it features a huge main compartment with a mesh pocket, ventilated shoe compartment, zip lock pocket for valuables, and a fleece lined media player zip pocket with interior-to-exterior port for headphone wires which can also be used to store sunglasses. It holds 4 bats securely on the exterior, and has adjustable padded shoulder straps and ergonomic foam cushion panels for comfort. The Revo is a rugged and versatile choice for both the road and the field and is customizable with your team color, silkscreen, or embroidery of your team logo.

The yoga inspired Nufit Infinity Bat Pack offers a main compartment roomy enough to hold your helmet and other game day essentials and innovative, interchangeable padded straps to allow you to carry the bag comfortably on either shoulder. Exterior bat holders hold two bats and a fleece lined pocket keeps your valuables protected. A built-in swivel hook on top makes it easy to hang on the fence and one on bottom provides a place to hang your glove or helmet.


A Final Word

We wish you the best of luck finding the perfect softball or baseball bag. The right bag can make a world of difference when it comes to enjoying the game. But keep in mind – whether you’re heading to practice, going to an in-town game, or traveling long-haul, a 3N2 bat bag will guarantee that your trips to and from the diamond are organized and taken in style.