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Top Ten Custom Baseball and Slowpitch Softball Jerseys

We’re sharing our top ten favorite custom sublimated baseball and slowpitch softball jerseys. Create your own after having a look at these all-stars.

12 Aug 2019

At 3N2, we love doing full custom sublimation! For over 10 years, we’ve offered full custom uniforms of the highest quality construction and design implementation. With a process that results in the most vibrant colors, over 25 performance fabric choices engineered for the diamond, and several style options from which to choose, you can be confident you’re getting the best in the industry when you order your custom baseball and slowpitch softball jerseys from 3N2. We can dye in designs, logos, names, and numbers, so feel free to be creative! If you can imagine it, we can make it.


We’re so proud of the custom work we’ve done over the years and we’re excited to share some of our favorites with you. Here is 3N2’s list of Top Ten Custom Baseball and Slowpitch Softball Jerseys:


#10 Select

This mean looking men’s crew neck jersey sports bright green sleeves with black trim, a shaded grey body with dark grey dashed lines, and an image of a player who means business. Players on this team take names and ask questions later. A great example of a sublimated image and custom team name and a modern look for those who take the game seriously.

#9 Black Bear

Another great looking jersey, this men’s crew neck jersey highlights the clean logo’s and an eye-catching vivid yellow and black trim detail around the neck and sleeves. It features a ripped bear with some serious claws (for holding a baseball bat, obviously,) an intimidating tooth-bearing snarl, and jacked muscles. We wouldn’t want to come across this bear on the playing field or elsewhere. He’s on a mission, and we think that mission just might be diamond domination. In a 3N2 custom sublimated jersey, he’s definitely on the right track.


#8 Prep

Military lettering and pixelated grey-scale camouflage give this custom jersey a rugged combat look. Red sleeve trim and letters provide a sharp, eye-catching contrast. The competition will feel the shock and awe this team brings and wave the white flag long before the game is over. The pixelated design is a great example of the precision graphics that are possible with 3N2 custom jerseys.


#7 Tornadoes

This team comes onto the diamond like a raging storm in their 3N2 custom sublimated men’s crew neck jerseys. Vibrant colors are a hallmark of our sublimation process, and the bright red color on this jersey is ready to grab the attention of the crowd and the opposing team. An angry tornado lurks in the background, waiting to clear a path of destruction through the competition. White banded sleeves hint at a retro vibe, while royal blue team name and player number rimmed with white trim round out the look.


#6 Expos

Lime green, navy, and white horizontal stripes give this custom sublimated jersey an 80s feel that brings us back to our childhoods. Ah, the good old days of feathered haircuts, Tang and Kool-Aid, He-Man, Members Only jackets, and so many horizontal striped shirts. Playing ball was a rite of passage and every kid’s favorite pastime. Two-tone banded sleeves and cursive lettering complete this nostalgic, feel-good look, making us yearn for those long summer days on the field with our friends.


#5 Havoc

Patriotism meets Call of Duty. Solid black on the body of this men’s crew neck provides gravitas and makes a bold statement, while stars on one sleeve and stripes on the other show who this team is fighting for. Blue stripes atop a simple but bold, all-caps team name and red stripes below are reminiscent of everyone’s favorite off-the-diamond game. Looking like American all-stars in their custom sublimated jerseys, Havoc players fight for honor and glory…and bragging rights.


#4 Boneheads

This one is undeniably cool. We’re talking bad-boy, leather jacket, motorcycle-riding, chain wallet cool. We’re certain the Boneheads all have awesome names like Rooster, Tank, and Gunner and their pets undoubtedly wear metal-spiked collars. Their custom sublimated jerseys start with a black to grey fade background with yellow bands on each side that look like they’ve been ripped through. Black sleeves and yellow collar trim make a bold contrast. Glowing blue outlined letters are a haunting detail while the bone font caps off the coolest graphic we’ve come across…an angry, baseball-stitched skull with glowing red eyes, sharp-as knives cheek bones, and terrifying teeth. The Boneheads will crush the competition without breaking a sweat, and then they’ll hop on their hogs and ride off into the sunset.


#3 Aces

A men’s full button jersey that hearkens back to the Golden Age of Baseball. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Willie Mays would have felt at home in this one, with buttons down the front and simple but striking font. A black center stripe that also accents the v-neck gives a modern touch, and thin double stripes trim the sleeves. Grey jersey body, black accents, and white lettering could make you believe you’re watching one of the greats in black and white footage from long ago, but it’s more likely that you’re watching one of the greats of our own time.


#2 Richwoods

The classics never go out of style. Pinstripes are synonymous with baseball, and this jersey makes a timeless statement. The rich green color is like the grass on the field. Grey stripes on the sleeves and cursive lettering keep with the traditional look. Grey letters and player numbers outlined in white show attention to detail that is sometimes lacking in today’s uniforms.  With reverence for the game and always looking sharp on the field, this team wins style points before they even swing a bat.


#1 Hung Jurors

Our #1 pick for Best Custom Sublimated Jersey, this men’s crew neck shows the lighter side of the sport. These guys have it all…talent, wit, and a great looking 3N2 custom jersey. Featuring dark grey sleeves and neck trim detail, kelly green crosshatch detail background, diagonal two-tone stripe, and solid black lower half, this jersey only looks serious. The center logo medallion with the tagline “MEJOR EST MELIUS” translates to “BEST IS BETTER,” showing that this team not only has a great sense of humor but a great sense of style as well.

In their 3N2 custom sublimated jerseys, the Hung Jurors show us all that, win or lose, the team that has the most fun is the real winner.


When you walk on the field, what statement do YOU want to make? Whether you want to look mean, serious, patriotic, timeless, heroic, or cool, 3N2 can help you achieve whatever you’ve dreamed. With 28 styles to choose from, a simple step-by-step process, and unbeatable direct pricing, you can design custom sublimated jerseys that will give your team the confidence that comes from looking good. Visit the 3N2 Customizer to get started; maybe your custom jersey will become one of our new favorites!