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Volleyball Referee Shoes

Get geared up for volleyball season with high-performance shoes and apparel from 3N2

5 Aug 2020

At 3N2, we know that what you wear on the court affects your performance as a volleyball referee. You not only want to look good out there in the moments when all eyes are on you, you also want to be comfortable so you can make the right calls rather than devoting attention to aching feet or ill-fitting apparel.

What you wear and how you wear it says a lot about you. A sloppy appearance lacks professionalism and affects whether players, coaches, and spectators take you seriously. When you look put together people will take notice and give you the respect you deserve as a referee.

Here are some things to look for when you’re shopping for volleyball referee shoes and apparel:



Nothing is more distracting on the court than uncomfortable clothes and shoes. When you’re on your feet for long periods of time you need shoes that are up to the task and won’t cause aching, painful feet. Choose shoes that are lightweight and provide adequate support so you can stay in the game every time.

When shopping for apparel make sure you look for shirts and pants that are made of high-quality, breathable fabrics that stretch and move with you. Ensure you have a good fit and that nothing is bunching or riding up. Fabrics that stretch help you to move freely so that your signals are easily seen and read.

3N2’s Reaction Referee Patent checks all the boxes for volleyball referee shoes.  It features a wear-resistant outer that’s made of 100% patent leather that can be polished to stay looking new and sharp for its lifetime. Durable, lightweight, and oh-so-comfortable, the Reaction Referee Patent sports a compression-molded EVA midsole that has been designed specifically for reducing knee and joint stress that comes from standing for long periods of time. This shoe has a low profile, flat-bottomed sole that’s non-marking, making it perfect for indoor sports like basketball and volleyball. The Reaction Referee Patent comes in EE width and in full and half-sizes from 6.0 to 15.0 so you’re sure to find your perfect fit.



No matter your profession, we all feel good when we look good. Volleyball referees take the spotlight when games heat up, so be ready to shine when all eyes are on you. You can meet regulations while also putting your own spin on your uniform – you don’t have to accept boring, generic-looking referee apparel and shoes. Instead opt for higher-end fabrics and small details that add up to make you look like your officiating game is a step above. Respect is earned but you may find that you earn it faster if your entire look says that you have it together and are the final authority.

The V-Neck Referee Shirt from 3N2 is a head-turner with its old school pinstripes. 100% Polyzone construction features moisture management to keep you cool and dry and an antimicrobial finish to keep you fresh and ready for whatever comes your way. An extended back tail gives you a professional tucked-in look while the v-neck collar features a lanyard loop for enhanced functionality. You’ll look like a pro when you step out in this old-meets-new gem.

Not just for umpires, the 3N2 Umpire Polo is a classic look with modern touches. 100% polyester textured mesh and 3-button placket combine with a rib knit collar and sleeve trim. Side vents lend extra comfort while a left chest pocket makes room for essentials. The 3N2 Umpire Polo comes in Black, Columbia/Columbia, and Navy Blue and in sizes S through 4XL.



Whether you buy the most expensive referee gear or look for bargains, it’s important that your volleyball referee shoes and apparel are made to last. Be sure to look for performance fabrics that can withstand constant wear and tear and durable materials that will hold up game after game. Depending on your schedule you may be wearing, washing, and repeating for days upon days in a row, so make sure your gear is up to the task. You don’t want faded fabrics, holes, or rips and tears in your apparel or shoes that can make you look messy and unprofessional. Make the right call and buy apparel and shoes that can stand up to abuse and come out looking new through it all.

Take your referee game to the next level with the durability of 3N2’s Reaction Referee VX1. With sleek lines and a modern appearance, you’ll command respect and earn style points the moment you step on the court. Along with its unparalleled good looks, a whole host of performance features make this a revolutionary officiating shoe. At a mere 8 ounces, this shoe is feather-light and ultra-comfortable. It features easily polished patent leather that is wear-resistant and is 100% ventilated to keep your feet cool when the heat is on. Its Micro Fabric genuine leather outlasts competing brands in surface peeling and tear strength testing and blows away the competition in flex resistance, allowing you fluid movement and ultimate comfort. The compression-molded EVA midsole is lightweight and specifically designed to reduce knee and joint stress while the low-profile outsole is flat-bottomed and non-marking to keep court floors looking good. Finally, a memory foam insole and midsole are the epitome of foot friendliness making it feel like you’re walking on clouds. Unsurpassed in durability, good looks, performance, and comfort, the Reaction Referee VX1 defines the next generation of high-performance referee shoes.

Nothing says referee like a time-honored black and white vertical striped shirt that will hold up to the heat of the game. If you image search “referee” this is likely the picture that will pop up more than any other. Along with its undeniably classic styling, this shirt is durably constructed to keep you calling the shots game after game. 100% Polyzone construction is made to last and features moisture management and an antimicrobial finish. The Byron collar with a ¼ zip neck, front chest pocket, and an extended back tail round out the features of this classic. It’s available in sizes S through 4XL to accommodate many body shapes and sizes.


3N2 Has the Gear You Need

When you’re ready to find the ultimate in volleyball referee shoes and apparel, head over to 3N2.com. There you’ll find everything you need, from shoes and socks to apparel and bags. You’ll be ready to take the court in style and comfort and able to handle the toughest of calls when you’re well outfitted with the best from 3N2.