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What Should a Softball Coach Pack?

Not sure what you’ll need as a softball coach? Here are 3N2’s favorite things to take along.

2 Mar 2020

To be a great softball coach you obviously need to have the right skills. But in addition to skills you also need the right gear! Any coach worth their salt will be prepared for any situation that arises. Like a Swiss Army Knife you should have just the right thing for the job, whatever that might be.

Whether you’re new to the coaching game or you’ve been doing this for years, knowing what to put in your bag and take to the field is a vital part of your coaching game. For practices, games, and tournaments, your list of must-have items should remain essentially the same. Aside from the obvious practice balls, buckets, hitting tees, and water, here are 3N2’s favorite items to make you the most prepared coach in the game:



You’re going to need somewhere to put all your stuff to bring it to and from the field. A good bag is a softball coach’s best friend and can help you keep everything organized and easy to find. Simplicity is best so you won’t spend time rummaging through a bunch of pockets when you need to find something.

3N2’s Big Bag is just the thing to take you and your stuff anywhere. With a huge main compartment that has plenty of space for your gear and two zippered side compartments to hold smaller things, the 3N2 Big Bag’s straightforward design gives you the versatility you need so you can carry your stuff in style.

Throw a towel in your bag to dry things on rainy days or for myriad other uses. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says a towel “is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” And, what’s good for interstellar hitchhikers is doubly so for softball coaches. Also make sure to put a notebook in your bag that includes an updated roster and copies of birth certificates for every player on your team. You’ll want to have those if the age of a player ever comes into question.

Some good things to stash in the smaller pockets: scorebook, pens and pencils, a clipboard, eye black, lineup cards, stopwatch, and a pitch counter. Also bring along some sharpies. These are great for labeling practically anything and for signing game balls.


First Aid Kit

Scratches, bruises, and sprains are bound to happen. You might want to take a first aid and CPR course to prepare yourself to handle injuries. At the very least, make sure you have a good first aid kit on hand to deal with the inevitable. Stock it with bandages, first aid ointment, antiseptic spray, hand sanitizer, ace bandages, ice packs, tweezers (for splinters), plastic bags, scissors, athletic tape/gauze, gloves, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Tampons are a great addition to stop nosebleeds and are also thoughtful if you’re coaching a girls’ team.

In addition to a well-stocked first aid kit be sure to have medical release forms on hand at all times.



Most players will bring their own bats to practice and games but this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re coaching a youth team. Even if players do bring their own bats you’ll want to have a few on hand just in case your players forget theirs or want to try something new.

And, as far as specific bats are concerned, you can bet we have a suggestion. Unmatched power in a beautiful package is what you get with 3N2’s Pro Clutch Maple Wood Bat. Made with the densest maple wood available and formed using a proprietary technique that closes pores and compresses the wood, this is one of the best wood bats money can buy. Made for serious hitters and tested by the pros, but versatile enough for youth players who are transitioning to wood bats.

In addition, have some other gear with you, just in case a player doesn’t have their own or forgets to bring something. Batting helmets, fielding faceguards, catcher’s gear, extra gloves and mitts, and batting gloves are all good things to bring along.



As a coach you’re going to be on your feet a lot. Make sure you keep your feet happy by choosing comfortable turf shoes. Combining lightweight performance, stability, and comfort, turfs are the best choice of footwear for softball coaches who want to stay on top of their game.

3N2’s Mofo Turf Trainers are the perfect combination of comfort and performance. The ultra-light GLIDE midsole helps to relieve pressure on your knees and back while a TPU shank in the arch keeps you stable on your feet. Double-stitched reinforcement in high-wear areas and a genuine leather and METAMESH upper provide durability that will last through practices, games, and everything in between.

These 3N2 Viper Turfs are the perfect pair for the coach who doesn’t want to choose between comfort and style. Pro-grade suede and leather upper with a Viper metal design combine with a GLIDE midsole that will take the pressure off your knees and back. The IGNITE outsole provides support and traction so you’re ready for whatever the game brings.


A Versatile Pullover

Being prepared is the most important part of being a coach, but looking professional is important too. A good-looking pullover is a perfect piece to include in your arsenal. Choose one that performs well in all weather conditions so you can keep your head in the game, rain or shine.

Whatever the weather brings, the 3N2 Change-Up Pullover will adapt to the conditions. If it’s cool, keep the sleeves on to help you beat the chill. When the game heats up, take the sleeves off and handle your business. The outer is a soft-to-the-touch windbreaker while the interior liner wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. 1 ¼ zip front, 5 color options, and plenty of room for personalization make this one a clear winner.


Very Handy Extras

Every coach has their essentials that they just can’t live without on the ball field. If you haven’t yet figured out what those things are for you, here are some things to take along that are sure to come in handy:

Dandelion puller and screwdrivers: from repairing gear and apparel to resetting bases or bags, these items may just save the day during practice if the ground crew isn’t on hand to lend you a tool or come to the rescue.

Resin bag: perfect for hot days when hands are sweaty. Also good for pitchers who like to put a little extra spin on the ball.

Duct tape and zip ties: this duo can handle pretty much any situation. Really, is there anything a zip tie or some duct tape won’t fix?

Glove repair kit and cream: for quick repairs or to help with a glove that’s not quite broken in.

Tape measure, hair elastics, Handi-wipes, and a small pack or two of tissues: these are all good things to keep around.

A bag of candy: aside from making you everyone’s favorite person, a little candy often goes a long way. From promoting comradery among teammates and breaking boredom in the dugout to helping soothe tough emotions during a heated game, you’ll be glad you brought it along.


Time to Stock Up

When you’re ready to pack your coach’s bag and head to the diamond, head over to 3N2 Sports to get all the gear you’ll want.

Here’s to a great season, Coach!