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Best Youth Baseball Cleats Available Now at 3N2

Why Youth Baseball Cleats are Essential

27 Feb 2019

Seeing your son or daughter tearing around the bases in their trusty baseball cleats, experiencing the pure joy of pouring everything into playing baseball – America’s favorite pastime – can fill you with a sense of pride and bring back your own childhood sports memories.

When you signed your child up for baseball or fastpitch softball this year, you likely knew that playing an organized sport can help them grow in an abundance of ways; developing eye-hand coordination, conditioning muscles, making friends, dealing with disappointment and learning how to handle difficult people. These are all common paths toward building solid self-esteem.

But it takes a lot of first steps to achieve success in life. So where do you start? At the beginning of each season, practice should start with a pair of well-made new youth baseball cleats. With the fast growth of young feet, new cleats are often the first gear that you pick up for your young player to start the new season in style. They are also the most important in terms of performance.

The right cleats can make all the difference when powering around the bases, chasing down fly balls and diving after worm burners. The 3N2 team has assembled a winning lineup of youth baseball cleats that can position your young athlete to consistently make the right play during practice and during games. Let’s take a look at the top features that our cleats offer for playing hardball:

  • Flexibility – our high quality youth baseball cleats feature synthetic leather and mesh sides to increase flexibility. They’re tough enough to protect the foot from normal scrabbles but flexible enough to prevent fatigue and discomfort as the game goes on.


  • Lightweight Midsole – avoiding the bulk of other manufacturers’ midsoles, our high-tech midsoles are designed to be light and flexible, striking the best balance between performance and comfort.


  • Molded Outsole – the proprietary molded outsole on our Rookie Elite cleats provides protection from the ball, bat or other feet while providing the structure needed for bursts of speed.


  • Aggressive Cleat – one of the main performance drivers in youth baseball shoes is the cleats themselves. Our shoes were engineered with an aggressive 12-cleat configuration. Designed to support optimal speed and traction, these cleats deliver superior results even in the least desirable playing conditions.


Introducing the Rookie Youth Baseball Cleats

When first stepping up to the plate in the game of baseball, a great pair of cleats can boost your confidence and play. The Rookie Youth starter cleats are a great way to get things going when it comes to versatility and comfort. Available in youth sizes 1.5 through 6, these cleats come in midnight black, stealth navy blue, energy pink, or racing red. The removable tongue feature allows for customizable team embroidery and mesh sides provide optimal breathability when the game heats up.

Rookie Elite Baseball Cleats

When you’re up to bat, it feels great to have the very best in support, comfort and style on your feet. A power swing needs the stability that cleats provide and the Rookie Elite is a solid choice for starter cleats. And, sure – It doesn’t hurt that they look great. The ShimmerStop iridescent logo mark and reflective piping make the Rookie Elite a showstopper both on and off the diamond. Available in youth sizes 1.5 through 6, these cleats come in special ops black or bubblegum pink and are ready to ship today.

FAQ: Can I Just Use Our Old Soccer Cleats?

Many of our customers wonder if they can save money by repurposing soccer cleats, football cleats or even lacrosse cleats to use during baseball season. There are some big differences between these cleats that make crossover use a bad idea. The main difference is the position of the cleats. Soccer shoes don’t have the front cleat at the toe because it could injure other players when contact is made. The absence of this front cleat in baseball means a reduction in quick acceleration.

Football cleats are considerably longer for deeper dig. Lacrosse cleats are positioned on the outside of the soles for stability and have higher sides for ankle support.

The cleats on baseball shoes are positioned strategically for forward power and quick maneuvering. Wearing the wrong cleats can result in less than optimal overall performance.

Priced in a family budget-friendly zone of $9.99 to $34.99, 3N2 youth baseball cleats are also designed to be both affordable and long-lasting.

FAQ: How Can I Clean My 3N2 Youth Baseball Cleats?

Everyone knows that a player with a dirty uniform and cleats is a hard-working ballplayer. But at the end of the game, you don’t want your kid to bring the diamond home with them. Here are some fast ideas to get their cleats brushed up quick.

Take the cleats off and clap the soles together outside or carefully over a big trashcan to get the biggest clumps of dirt out. Be careful not to damage the cleats. If they are still caked with dirt, carefully put the soles in a little lukewarm water, then use an old cleaning brush to buff them to remove the remaining dirt. Don’t soak the insides or the upper parts of the shoe.

To clean the upper parts of the shoe, take a damp rag and wipe them down. It may take several attempts to get the dirt streaks off. Avoid getting them overly wet. If needed, remove the laces first so you can reach all the dirt. Laces can be hand washed in the sink and laid out to dry before putting back on the shoes.

If the insides of the cleats have taken on an unpleasant odor, try a commercial shoe deodorizer that absorbs smells. Tea tree oil cut with water and placed in a spritzer can kill bacteria and deodorize. Dish soap, applied sparingly, can also kill the bacteria that are causing the odors but you have to be careful to rinse it all out and dry it slowly in a warm place.

Get Your New Cleats Today

Ready to get the youth baseball cleats that can help your young athlete be fully prepared for spring training and beyond? Send us an email and we can answer any additional questions you might have. Also, our customer service team is always ready to help with your custom embroidery requests or other special orders. We hope this new baseball season is a winner for both you and your child. 3N2 is rooting for you.