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Your Guide to Plus Size Softball Pants

6 Feb 2020

Of all the items on your softball gear checklist, softball pants are certainly an essential. You can’t very well take to the diamond without pants (well you could, but we don’t recommend it.) Your choice of softball pants can mean the difference between feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable or bringing your a-game.

Choosing the right softball pants is the first step in feeling confident every time you step on the field. But despite the fact that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, softball pants don’t often come in a sufficient range of sizing options. So how do you find great softball pants in plus sizes without sacrificing style, comfort, or great fit?

In this post, we’ll get you up to speed on what to look for when buying softball pants and highlight some of the state-of-the art features, eye-catching styles, and innovative fits offered by 3N2.



Regardless of size, proper fit is the most important consideration when buying softball pants. Ill-fitting pants can kill your confidence and keep you from being on top of your game. Poor fit and poor performance go hand in hand, so make good fit your first priority when shopping for plus size softball pants. This means finding pants that meet the Goldilocks standard; not too loose, not too tight…they should fit just right.

Your pants should be nice and snug, enough that they won’t bunch up or twist around as you move, but loose enough that they don’t feel like they’re restricting your lower body. Plus size players may be tempted to buy oversized apparel in an attempt to cover up, but overly baggy or loose pants will not only limit your movement, they can also become very uncomfortable over the course of a game.

Ladies of every size should look for form fitting, flexible styles that hug and highlight figures. A lower rise in the front and higher rise in the back make a stylish pant that also provides good coverage in the back when crouching down. Flexible fabrics and flattering cuts throughout the hip and thigh can help you feel both athletic and feminine so you can step out with confidence.

Men typically opt for roomier softball pants but should also be wary of buying pants that are too loose – pants that prevent a full range of motion. Guys also shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for performance any more than the ladies should. Find pants that look, feel, and play great.



Softball is a physical sport that can be rough on apparel over the course of a season. Your pants are likely to bear the most damage during a game as you run, stretch, slide, and dive. Reinforcements in the knees and rear can absorb impact as well as help protect your pants from damage that results from heated competition. Look for panels in tough fabrics in areas that take the most abuse to ensure your pants can perform at the level you need them to and withstand the game-after-game demands of a grueling season.



When the game heats up, keep your cool with moisture-wicking fabrics that draw perspiration away from your skin. Look for breathable fabrics that can help manage moisture, whether from tough play or the occasional summer shower. Keeping dry and cool is vital to helping you perform at your best during intense innings and unpredictable weather.


Durability and Quality

Worrying about the quality and durability of your apparel can be distracting and keep you from being on top of your game. Nobody wants to worry about an unexpected pants split during important moments or other surprises that can come from inferior quality apparel. Your plus size softball pants should be made of fabrics that are tear-resistant and made to last. Reinforcements mentioned above are an important feature that help you get the most life out of your pants. Likewise, double-ply fabrics give extra support to softball pants and are a good indication of quality. Paying careful attention to quality and durability when choosing softball pants can ensure your pants will perform at the highest level.


Plus Size Softball Pants Recommendations

So, armed with the above info, let’s roll out some of the plus size softball pants we love.


Mens Throwback Knicker

With a shorter cut that screams old school cool, 3N2’s Mens Throwback Knicker turns the classic on its head. These are classic baseball pants with a modern twist. High performance 14-ounce terry micro yarn keeps up with your pace while double belt loops and a non-roll woven elastic waist ensure a comfortable fit. Double ply knees take slides in stride and two set-in back pockets add detail and functionality. This pant is available in both grey and white and is available in sizes up to XXXL.


Mens Stock Pro-Weight Poly Pant-Open Hem

This pant features a traditional cut that’s far from ordinary, with an ankle length for those with an eye toward classic styling featuring 100% polyester, 14-ounce micro terry yarn. Double front belt loops and non-roll woven elastic waist help these pants stay up while you get down to the business of winning. Double-ply knees offer added durability and open unhemmed ankle finish with no elastic gives you the traditional look you’re after. It’s a pant that’s available in both grey and white and is available in sizes up to XXXL.


Ladies Stock Low-Rise Womens Knickers with Belt Loops

These fastpitch knicker pants are for ladies who love the classics. 100% stretch 14-ounce micro yarn polyester moves how you move so you can keep up with the action, while a below-knee length looks great on many body types and a low rise makes for a comfortable fit. An elastic drawstring waistband with two snap closures gives you some room to breathe and double-ply knees ensure your knickers will handle whatever you the game sends your way. They’re available in black, grey, navy blue and white, and come in sizes up to XXXL.


Ladies 3N2 NuFit Knicker

The crème de la crème of ladies softball pants. Like your favorite yoga pants, the 3N2 NuFit Knicker will be your go-to when comfort and performance are what you’re after. Fit and function join harmoniously to create the best softball pants money can buy. Bye-bye, ill-fitting pants. So long, poor performing fabrics. These pants stretch, support, and move like a dream. 4-way poly-stretch fabric in all the right places hug curves and allow easy movement while reinforced knees and outer legs help prevent abrasions when you’re sliding into bases. A low-rise in front provides added comfort while the high-rise in back gives needed coverage when crouching. They’re available in black, charcoal grey, grey, navy blue, red, royal blue and white and in sizes to XXXL.


Start Shopping!

Finding great plus size softball pants doesn’t have to be stressful. 3N2 has pants you’ll be proud to wear this season – pants that’ll let the world know you’ve come to play, helping you stand out on the ball field for all the right reasons.

Shop 3N2 Sports to find the perfect pair of plus sized softball pants!